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Triumph Daytona 900

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This one cranks over like a champ.

Some Triumphs have a problem with the shifter shaft if the bike falls on it. It can be repaired without splitting cases or removing the engine. The only other issue that I know of is the harness can be damaged where it goes around the steering stem. I have a T120 Bonneville that I am very happy with.

Too bad you are so far away.  I have a work acquaintance that has one parked in his basement for a long time now.  I tried to work out a purchase of two bikes he has parked with gas with the intent on selling one to help pay for the other and he balked at the idea.  Only wanted to sell to someone who would cherish  :shocked: like he has (letting them rot in his basement)  I'd guess you could get a good price on it and combined have a nice bike. 


ran her around the block. Tires are ancient.  Throttle is hanging up somewhere. other than that, she's a runner.

Uhhh....What's the problem again???  🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️  Did he scare himself off of motorcycles?


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