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On ramp danger


John A:
This vid made me realize that I havenít been watching far enough up the on ramp for merging traffic. Iím sure I could just ride over those things though. Watch the semi on the left merging

Over the years I've seen lots of strange things fall off vehicles:

1) A rear wheel came off a car with at least 4 people inside on the Beltline in Raleigh.  I was following and saw the wheel wobbling before it parted company.

2) A 6-wheel dump truck had a wheel bearing failure and the wheels and axle slid halfway out of the axle housing before the truck came to a stop.  This happened a half mile from my mom's house.

3) A flat-bed semi hauling a 40,000 pound coil of steel left the terminal in Charlotte without strapping or chaining the load down.  It fell onto the Interstate a few miles later, breaking the concrete slab.  I guess the driver thought it was too heavy to move on the trailer.  I didn't witness this one, only saw it on the TV news.

4) Similar to the OP's post, a semi hauling finished lumber lost its load on Interstate 40 in the Pigeon River Gorge in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, that time the load went across the wall between the EB and WB lanes of traffic and landed in traffic.  I don't remember how many casualties resulted.   I didn't witness this one, but I came upon the aftermath and saw it on the TV news.

When I lived in Wichita the thing that almost got me a couple of times was merging onto I-135 during a busy traffic time. Now accelerating on the ramp looking over my shoulder for openings, look forward and the car in front of me has completely stopped at the end of the ramp instead of merging.

Tom H:
Glider....Been there. Bloody idiots can't figure out how to get on a freeway.



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