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Charlie goes German (again) UPDATE: An untimely end?

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Antietam Classic Cycle:
Last Spring it was a '97 MZ Skorpion Tour, this year a 1993 BMW K75 that I bought from my friend Joe for $500. Lots of good stuff: Sargent seat, Works rear shock, heated grips, Parabellum Scout fairing, parts microfiche and viewer, extra filters, manuals (owner's, maintenance, Clymer). Why so cheap? He rebuilt the rear master cylinder and could never get the system to bleed out (non-ABS by the way). Plus, the engine wouldn't crank - key on, press starter button, nothing happened. Oh, and fuse #1 would blow as soon as the key was turned on. 177k miles.

I joined the "motobrick" forum and with the help of "Frankenduck" there, found that the fix was super simple. When Joe had the right footpeg plate off working on the master cylinder, he had pinched the brake light switch wires between it and the frame. A short resulted, fuse #1 blew, lots of important stuff received no power and it wouldn't crank. Fixed the switch wiring and now it starts and runs great!

The rear brake master cylinder is proving harder to fix. Even though the master cylinder has a new, genuine BMW rebuild kit in it, it refuses to pump. I had it apart to look for any defects and it seems the bore may actually be worn enough to allow leakage past the cup seals. No new master cylinders due to a BMW vs. Magura lawsuit. The motobrick guys adapt master cylinders meant for other brands, and this is what I'm now pursuing.

Other than that, there's some maintenance to catch up on, a cracked breather hose and 12 year old tires to replace. I hope to have it roadworthy by Memorial Day weekend.

great stuff! the triples are the best of the bricks

Tom H:
Nice! At 177k miles it's just broken in, at least for an airhead.


steven c:
Great bikes. I had a K75S really enjoyed it. Good luck with the brakes.

Nice one Charlie.
Very nice shade of blue. and you are better off without ABS. The pumps usually go tits up eventually.
That is a very smooth engine.


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