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Sunday, June 4 = MGNOC New England Spring Fling!

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10:00 AM -- 2:00 PM
Sunday, June 4, 2023
Sixth Annual MGNOC New England Spring Fling

Sweet Evalina's Roadside Stand
688 Route 169
Woodstock, CT 06281
www.sweetevalinas.c om

Come to the Northeast corner of Connecticut to celebrate the "new" New England riding season! As usual, we'll park across the street on our own in the Post Office (closed Sunday) parking lot. Stop by, see old friends, make some new ones, kick tires, see all the latest and greatest Guzzis (if you haven't seen a V100 Mandello yet, I'm sure there'll be at least one there)...and have Lunch!

Come as your schedule permits. No need to be there at exactly 10.

Steven Rossi
CT-RI MGNOC State Rep.
(248) 470-5788

P.S. -- as always, we bill these as Moto Guzzi "and More" events. So if you can't get there on a Guzzi, just run what you brung.

Looking forward to the meetup. Watching the weather. I'll be there if it's not raining much. Always enjoyed the event.

I plan on attending .

Forecast = cool morning, possible light precip. in the afternoon. Come earlier than later...


On Sunday, June 4, the solitude of Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner” was serenaded by a 26-pipe symphony as an orchestra of 13 Mandello del Lario V-twins performed at the MGNOC New England Spring Fling. They recited from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and…Washington state (via Maine this morning)! To a bravados crescendo at Woodstock, CT’s Sweet Evalina’s Stand, along idyllic Route 169.

   As usual, the Guzzisti took advantage of the empty (Sunday) Post Office parking lot across the street…which served as the exclusive stage for our ensemble of transverse, shaft-drive accompanists. For a sixth appearance. Mother Nature threatened rain (but it didn't) to interrupt the falderol and further delivered a bit of impromptu, cold/raw Fall weather, but to no avail. In fact, the cool, crisp air just made the bikes run better! Ha ha…though this is the first time I ever wore a heated vest in June!
   With so much fine harmony on the showroom floor these days, it was no surprise to be treated to the perfect pitch of Guardia d’Onores, Centenarios, V85 TTs and 850 V7s in unison. Yes…new Moto Guzzis are selling! And at the other end of the sound stage, we enjoyed a sweet (speaking of Ms. Evalina) rendition that reverted back to the Convert. Not to mention all the Italian A cappella in between.

   The thirteen lucky Guzzi riders who ignored the weather forecast arrived aboard:

Breva 1100
1200 Sport
Norge (our guest from Washington who was on a cross-country jaunt)
V7 Stornello
V9 Roamer
V85 TT
V85 TT Centenario
V85 TT Centenario
V7 850 Stone
V85 TT Guardia

along with a couple of Gold Wings, a BMW, Kawasaki Versys and a Harley or two.

   With storm clouds on the horizon, the curtain call came a little earlier than usual this time. But no matter. You can expect another encore next Spring at Sweet Evalinas…though get ready. The Stand has been sold and is preparing to reopen under new ownership (a motorcyclist bought it).
   So stay tuned for another Fling, next Spring. Same time, same station…but with a new name. Sweet!

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