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Has This ADV Thing gotten out of hand?

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We're going to be doing an upcoming ClevelandMoto Podcast on just how loopy this ADV thing has become...

Here are a few to get you started:

ADV Genuine RoughHouse 50cc Scooter

The Scooter itself costs $2200 and you can get all the crashbars and racks for another $400 or so.

ADV Chinese 250cc RX-3 Cyclone Motorcycle

JDM Only Yamaha TTX Adventure Scooter

I would not want a camoflaged  bike out in the woods. Hop off the bike because of a nature call. Turn around and the bike disappeared.

I looked for my winter camo Chevy Blazer for 45 minutes once after a ptarmigan hunt in the snow when I lived in Kodiak. Not fun when the weather is crappy, at least the Bears were asleep.

We've come a long way since the DT-1...

biking sailor:
Seems to me whatever type of bike is in fashion will get those folks that go a little overboard with them.  No matter whether it is a chopper, bobber, cafe', scrambler, adventure, streetfighter...  As long as they are having fun with it.  Personally, I like the adventure bike ergos and control, but I am an old dual sport rider at heart.

No doubt "manufacturers", big and small, will try to cash in on the current craze, whatever that may be at the time.


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