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Vancouver Motorcycle Show

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The lower mainlands biggest motorcycle event is on this weekend.

Don't go to Vancouver though or you will be disappointed ???

I see Moto Guzzi is supposed to have a display. Somebody screwed up as they have the boat show on the same weekend and I need new radar for my boat. If I get a chance I may ride out sometime this weekend. When will you be there Roy?

Ross want's to go Friday but I told him I vowed I would never go to a m/c event in a cage again.

I think a bunch of us are going to the Hilltop in Langley for brecky then riding out to the show on Sunday morning, join us if you get a chance
If we aren't at the Hilltop it will be Porters corner of 216 and Old Yale Rd

PM me the time and place and I may see you there.



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