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Park Ridge Phil:
 My lovely wife and I will  be taking a 3 week camping vacation to Texas with the travel trailer in late September. The plan is to hit the state fair in Dallas first and visit some family, then go to Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, then Houston. Basically, looking for  nearby nice campgrounds/state parks in each area. Anyone have ideas or experiences in these locations?


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A Texas State Park in January or February.  No idea which one.  ;D

This is a St Antonio city park called City Park.  At one time it was a US Air Force base that was turned over to the city. Then the AF leased it back.  ::)

I camped here for a week.  Excellent base to see St Antonio.

Motorcycle shop in St. Antonio.

One of the campgrounds at Big Bend National Park.  Try to work it in.  Well worth the visit.

Reo Grand River or what's left of it.  Most of the water comes from Mexico.

A Road Runner.

Good place for breakfast just outside the western entrance of Big Bend.

Just be aware that down Austin, San Antonio, Galveston and Houston way, late September is just as hot as last August. And don't forger the mosquito repellent!

You might want to ride the 3 Sisters west of Kerrville.

there is Lost Maples State Park and several other camping areas along the river.  You might Google the 3 Sisters.


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