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Condensed Milk (ngc, NOT AN OIL THREAD)

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Once again the town is out of milk.  Sometimes it's the eggs, and once when it got really cold, the ice cream melted.  But no milk happens, especially in the winter when these storms keep the supply canoe away, or everything on board the barge freezes.  Oh, there's some soy milk and coconut milk and probably milksnake milk in the ethnic asile, but the dairy shelves are bare.

When this happens I break into my stash of condensed milk -- you know -- the canned stuff -- for my morning coffee.  It tastes like crap, but what are you going to do?  The powdered stuff turns to a lump in the humidity here, and all we have are pictures of the old dairy farm out the road.  When this happened back when I was a kid, until they changed the law, ma took to milking passing grizzlies for the baby's dinner.  It was hard on the bears.  Those of you who've been paying attention know my mom was blind and couldn't tell the poor things apart.  It wasn't so bad when an old sow got overmilked -- I mean -- it's a bear after all -- it can leave it it doesn't like it there.  But you could tell when she got mixed up and overmilked the boars -- darn things would be lined up around the block until traffic control arrived with rock music and M-80's.

But I digress. 

My one problem with the condensed milk is that it's the reader's digest version -- needs to be expanded a bit to make perfect sense.  I pore over the labels (pun intended) looking for the ratio of vodka or whatever to add so's to have real milk, but where they assure me that no cows were harmed in the making of this milk, that it has the dairy council's official okey-dokey (gratuitous M*A*S*H content -- dusty -- did I spell it right?), and a pull-date just outside of mine, there is nothing to suggest that once condensed, a milk can ever be uncondensed.

Anyone know the proper ratio of milk to mixer?

Most of them are 1:1 as in they condensed out 50% of the liquid [water].

Condensed milk was my Dad's preferred coffee creamer. It has sugar and maybe other stuff added. Evaporated milk comes in the same kind of can but not sweetened. Neither tasted like milk to me but I think if you wanted to end with something close milk you would start out with evaporated milk.


This is normal condensed milk, not the sweetened stuff.  in America they call it evaporated, but ours is in French on account of the Canadians bought the food store and have been systematically replacing regular food with the bilingual kind.  So I was 'translating'  . . . .    ::)

Why not get a vacuum sealer w/ canisters and put the powdered milk in there or even seal a days ration in vacuum bags?


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