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Help w/NAPA 3008 Filter for Jackal - Mystery Screws

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Pasta Hog:
I'm changing my Jackal's fuel filter, using a NAPA 3008. I got the bracket off the old one, and now I see something confusing. On the rear of the filter, there are two rubber boots covering some kind of bolts. The 3008 does not have any bolts. Just a tube going in.

What's the deal?

Pasta Hog:
Well, I guess I'm stupid. It looks like I'm trying to take off the pump instead of the filter.

Pasta Hog:
The instructions (which I finally decided to read) say to loosen the Allen screw holding the tank down. They say you can then access the petcock electrical lines to unplug them, and that you can then remove the vent line. Then the tank comes off.

Problem: the tank doesn't come off.

It only lifts a fraction of an inch, and then it sticks. I assume there is something up front that holds it on?

I am wondering if the fuel filter really needs to come out. The bike has less than 7000 miles on it. On the other hand, I have probably run some old gas through it from time to time.

As noted in earlier posts, there is a hum coming from the bike after the motor is started, and I have been trying to clean up the fuel system to make sure it's not obstructed. I took the mesh filter out and cleaned it today. It did have some fine rust around the base of it, but it didn't appear to be obstructed.

Pasta Hog:
More questions.

I put the petcock back on and gave up. Was I supposed to use Teflon or anything on the threads? I revved the bike up and didn't find any leaks.

Can't hear the hum any more. Weird.

You slide the tank off by lifting it up in back THEN pull it back. You may have to wiggle it from side to side while pulling it back. Two big rubber pucks, one on each side of frame go into slots on the tank. Fuel return line is in front where the tank forms around frame, same for breather. Under the tank is a drain for fuel cap spillage, you can see it by looking underneath.  Fuel filter is inside frame rails right above cylinders.


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