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Calvin brain trust, please school me

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Yesterday, I just picked up a 2009 Calvin in white with 4000 miles.

1) Will the tubeless wheels from a 1998 EV bolt on?
    answer - no <= wrong, answer: rear is a direct bolt on
2) Will the Corbin solo saddle for the Jackal and Stone work?:

3) I like the bar bend, but they are too far forward, does anyone make bar backs for the 30mm (at the clamps) bars?
    answer - likely, no, but spacers under the stock risers will get 'er done
4) Or should I fit 7/8" risers to the upper triple and go with some pull back buckhorns from?:
    answer - no answer possible to "should". could => yes
5) Should the saddle bag crash bars have left marks on the saddlebags (I doubt it), does it mean they are bent? can the bags be fit without the guards?
    answer - no, but some do. as far as fitment w/o guards - inconclusive
6) The clutch rattles when cold and the lever is pulled in (sounds like a dry clutch ducati), but is otherwise normal. Concerns?
    answer - one vote for no concern
7) Replace the crossover with a Harpers H style?
    answer - lots of opinions on exhaust, intake and computer mods
8) replacement windscreens (just plastic, not hardware)
    answer - rifle (rifle 19.5 is 1" taller and 1" wider than stock)
9) cruise controls...
    answer - throttlemeister

Nice looking motorcycle.  :BEER:


Beautiful bike.  ;-T
I put the Harpers H on my Bassa and really like the way it sounds.
There is a thread on here about putting EV wheels on a CalVin. I think some spacers are needed and it is very doable.
Have you tried rotating the bars back? I really did not like the bars on my Bassa until I rotated them back. Now they are much better.
My clutch kinda makes a lot of noise and works just fine. Only about 15K miles on it but I believe the noise in normal.

the ev wheel threads are confusing to me. it appears there were some intermediate years where offset rear drive flanges and long rear drive spacers made mixing and matching parts more problematic. I'm wondering if going back to 1998, the wheels and their splines, etc would be more similar.

The grips are at about a perfect angle for my wrists, I'd hate to rotate them, they are just too far forward (and low). Also, seeing whereas the grips feel low, rotating down further would be untenable. Rotating them up from their current position might actually move the grips further back, they are that low. The whole ergos on this bike are messed up. I feel like I'm crowding the tank, my feet feel too far forward on the boards, and my torso to thigh angle is too acute (I'm 5'9" with short legs and long torso/arms). If I had bars with more pullback, it would cure a host of issues, improve the leg angle, foot position, etc.


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