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Calvin brain trust, please school me

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Installed the tubeless EV rear wheel.

Mike's photos don't display anymore so I wasn't entirely sure what he meant by there being a gap with this wheel. Now I know:

Everything assembled fine, in good alignment--the wheel spins freely and the caliper grabs the rotor as it's supposed to.  The gap didn't bother Mike and I'm in no position to doubt him so I guess I'll see how it does.  Assuming it causes no problems, I'm happy to have a tubeless wheel back there. I wouldn't want to have to R&R the rear wheel on the side of the road somewhere.


I give up. What magic is required to remove the inner spark plugs? I have two sockets that fit the new plugs, one a plug socket and the other a standard deep 16mm socket, but neither grabs the hex of the plug in the head.

guzzi ride:
You might need to thin down the OD of the socket.


--- Quote from: guzzi ride on April 02, 2023, 01:53:15 PM ---You might need to thin down the OD of the socket.

--- End quote ---

Don't have those kind of tools, so I ordered a thin-wall socket that is reputed to work. 


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