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Calvin brain trust, please school me

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Tom Hansen:
Good looking bike!  I had been looking at this one as well as another identical bike in Florida.  I just bought mine from another board member and am going to pick it up later this month, so I can't help you at all.

I just wanted to congratulate you and brag about how beautiful our new bikes are!!

Wayne Orwig:
Or maybe raise the seat. That helped the the leg angle a lot for my on my EV.

Hi Mike
Congratulations on the calvin in a young bride at her wedding.
I mounted '03 EV wheels on my calvin and did a write up that you can find in the archives. The swap is straight forward at the front for all years of EV wheels. You will need to trim the "Y" shaped fender brackets/spacers that ride on the front axle and serve the dual function of attaching the fender braces and centering the front wheel. I cannot recall (age related memory degradation) the new dimension but I noted it in my report. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll pull the wheel to measure. The rear is more problematic as you need both the rear brake caliper carrier and the inner bearing spacer from the EV. The calvin spacer can be trimmed to fit the Ev rear wheel the issue being the gap between the wheel hub and the rear drive outer flange. Measure that gap and trim accordingly. I bought a EV rear spacer keeping the calvin's as spare. The EV rear caliper caliper is necessary as the calvin's will wont fit up without machining. Both front and rear axles from the calvin should fit.
I used stone bars as replacements for the calvin's beach bars and the bike was instantly more responsive and comfortable. Go figure. Looked better too.
I used the two part crossover from Todd and liked the sound and quality but find that cross pipes over time will separate from each other and the bike will backfire until you discover the problem.
The PacificoAero/H&H fairing is the very best wind and buffet solution for the calvin. I know as I've tried them all and can sell you the larger rifle screen and lowers along with the pop vents installed in the screen. Sits on a shelf.
You will be very happy with the calvin if you also:
Replace the rear shocks with something that controls rebound and compression.
Add Matris adjustable fork cartridges.
Drop the triple clamps 20 to 25mm.
Mount the stickiest tires you can find ( stay with bias ply).
Ride alot.
Damn the snow.
Be safe


--- Quote from: Wayne Orwig on March 10, 2015, 09:18:20 AM ---Or maybe raise the seat. That helped the the leg angle a lot for my on my EV.

--- End quote ---

yes that would probably help, but I have short legs, and like to be able to flat foot...

My post above should read that the EV rear caliper carrier is also necessary.


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