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General Discussion / Re: HMB Guzzi becomes HMB Moto
« Last post by Frenchfrog on Today at 04:05:40 PM »
Agreed but you cannot cure stupid :grin:
I have two important questions;

How long is the trailer?

How many axles has the trailer?

The longer the trailer, the less critical the placement because longer trailers will have more hitch weight relative to your load and also a longer lever so the load has less effect on the unit.
With two or more axles, you'll calculate from the center between the outside axles, but in real terms it reduces the effect of the load- that is there's a lot more latitude for load placement before it becomes potentially problematic.
General Discussion / Re: Loading two motorcycles in an enclosed trailer??
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 04:03:02 PM »
Just a suggestion that might not be achievable, but would you consider putting the V7 in backwards ?
The handlebars have more clearance and the heavier bikes C of G will be the forward most.
General Discussion / Re: HMB Guzzi becomes HMB Moto
« Last post by ray bear on Today at 03:51:38 PM »
In the long term  Piaggio are crucifying there own advertising and making the brand harder to see . Get the name out there for the world to see
General Discussion / Re: Stelvio 1200 - broken gearbox output shaft
« Last post by pauldaytona on Today at 03:45:56 PM »
I had the same a few years ago with a 2008 stelvio, could be my pictures. Mine broke when I was using no power, rolling down a trafic light. Bought a new shaft and build it in, did change the clutch to a new one to have a light clutch
General Discussion / Re: HMB Guzzi becomes HMB Moto
« Last post by pauldaytona on Today at 03:40:25 PM »
Yes Piaggio rented a lawyer to disallow the Moto Guzzi or Guzzi word in Domains and website names. Since I have the domain, I got a letter too. Won't be long before Wildgoose gets a letter too. Even RadicalGuzzi who are servicepartner aren't allowed to keep their name. Guzzitech too I understand.
General Discussion / Re: 1948 GTV
« Last post by Alfetta on Today at 03:40:10 PM »
back when i had my GTV, I used Alfa ricambi (sp?) located in Torrance CA.
Donít have the answer but you could also add ballast to one end or the other. Iíve done that, sandbags or something.
General Discussion / Re: Calvin shorter clutch cable
« Last post by Tom H on Today at 03:35:32 PM »
I think yours threads in like my EVT. I needed a longer cable, used one for a Loop. The trans end does not need to be threaded in, the Loop one just slides in. I don't remember for sure, but I may have used a spacer to center the cable in the hand lever. The barrel fit the hand lever.

Hope this helps,
General Discussion / Re: V100 Mandello Merged Threadfest
« Last post by Clifton on Today at 03:23:24 PM »

.... purchasing a new bike under warranty, it's usually a good idea to have them perform the maintenance during the warranty period.  It makes the dealer happy and protects for warranty claims.
....after the warranty period, go your trusted independent tech. Usually the valve adjustment interval is out of the warranty period unless you ride a lot.

Maintenance ? As in oil changes, brake function check, lever and side stand check and lube, etc.? Anymore this is essentially what services consist of for the first couple years. Personally when I get a new bike I pick up a couple oil filters at the time and hope to never have to visit the service department during warranty, anytime actually.
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