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General Discussion / Re: Oil change on V9
« Last post by MotoG5 on Today at 09:06:56 PM »
Sorted of figured that it was something like that. Never really worried about it. The only other small block I have ever been involved with was my wife's first bike. A V50 III way back in the day.
General Discussion / Re: Oil change on V9
« Last post by Kev m on Today at 08:54:14 PM »
If you guys are wondering, every smallblock before it for a long while had two drain plugs. That includes my 2013.
General Discussion / Re: Guzzi Factory Sidecar Rig?
« Last post by cappisj1 on Today at 08:44:07 PM »
You do know 1 of Piaggio’s 8 plants are in China.
General Discussion / Re: Oil change on V9
« Last post by MotoG5 on Today at 08:41:18 PM »
I bought my 17' V9 Bobber as a new left over from Cadre Cycle in 2019. Since then I have done two oil changes on it. Pretty much had the same process as you have. Shop manual shows front and back drain plugs but on my bike only one on the rear as every other Guzzi I have ever owned. I had some metal swarf on the first change and only very minimal on the second. Bike has 8k on now. I did find out on the first change if you put in bit to much in the crank case it will windup in the air box. There is a small clear tube on the side of the air box that will fill with oil if you over did it. I got it right on the second change as the tube has remained dry.
As far as the dip stick level is concerned for me it's different depending on if the bike is sitting on its tires or up on the aftermarket center stand I installed. No matter witch way I have not seen any indication of excessive oil use.
Sounds to me like you are good to go.
On an other note my original factory YUSA battery gave it up late last fall. I have replaced it with a lithium unit. I am wondering if any one else has done this with their late model V9 bike.

General Discussion / Re: V7 Stone Ten Announced...
« Last post by Zenermaniac on Today at 08:24:01 PM »
Meh. I’d rather have the Special with 2 gauges and wire wheels.
General Discussion / Re: Oil change on V9
« Last post by Zenermaniac on Today at 08:13:40 PM »
Same as on my V9 - only one drain bolt for the engine oil.
General Discussion / Re: Stevio turn signal lens replacement
« Last post by John A on Today at 08:13:29 PM »
I’ve been putting a dot or two of Goop on the edge of lenses. I loose them otherwise and it’s like you said:” only available as next higher assembly “
General Discussion / Stevio turn signal lens replacement
« Last post by JK-TX on Today at 07:41:18 PM »
Hello all,
Last week while riding my 2013 Stelvio, the orange signal lens came off from the front of my right mirror and was lost somewhere on the side of a lonely Texas road. Does anyone know of a supplier for a replacement lens?  My searches on ebay have only shown a whole mirror assembly for sale, not just the lens.  Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Ride or clean? Or both?
« Last post by John A on Today at 07:00:09 PM »
It depends on which bike, some I keep cleaner, some I let go , depending on what I rode through!  I mainly clean to keep things from corroding and to look for anything that might fall off. They seem to run a little bit better when they are clean!
General Discussion / Re: Oil change on V9
« Last post by DAMMAG on Today at 06:55:35 PM »
My Virago engine always leave far more metal behind between oil changes.

A virago also has a gearbox that uses the same oil and this is where a lot of the metal would come from on a Virago oil change. On a Guzzi (excepting the new V100) the engine oil lubricates only the engine so there's not a lot of ferrous parts that would shed metal chunks you would notice on a sump plug.
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