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General Discussion / Re: What's your favorite helmet and why?
« Last post by Guzzistajohn on May 24, 2024, 01:45:08 PM »
Bell SRT modular. Because it fits my melon.  :thumb:
General Discussion / Re: The Triumph dark side
« Last post by jcctx on May 24, 2024, 12:24:50 PM »
If I still had the vision to ride, would be sorely tempted???
Hamlin Cycles Welcomes the New Stelvio with an Open House

Steven Rossi

   Moto Guzzi says that the new Stelvio is “synonymous with fun and discovery” which is exactly what we Guzzisti enjoyed when Jim Hamlin and Company swung the doors open on Connecticut’s exclusive Mandello del Lario dealership to welcome the new Stelvio adventure/sport tourer. Thursday, May 23 was the time and 44 Grassy Plain Street in Bethel, Connecticut was the place.

   Like Jim’s ever-popular holiday soiree, Guzzi guys and gals brought their own assortment of food and drink to share which meant that as usual…there was something for everyone. And plenty of fine company, too. It was obvious from the enthusiasm on hand that there’s also plenty of pent-up, two-wheel demand here in Connecticut as Spring has clearly sprung. Because even a round of serious afternoon thunderstorms couldn’t dampen the spirit of the cognoscenti. And how could they with the all-new, strikingly seductive Stelvio lying in wait on the showroom floor?

   No doubt you’re well aware that the reincarnated Stelvio is a bit of a departure from its predecessor. Instead of trying to emulate an entry-level GS BMW, Moto Guzzi has rethought the tourer’s mission and positioned it as more of an adventure/sport bike than a globe trotter. Being based on the V100 Mandello with its compact, water-cooled, transverse V-twin engine and shaft-drive (of course), it leans toward carving canyons with upright ergonomics…in authentic-exclusive Italian style. It’s a ride for the real world…for most places…instead of attempting to go absolutely anywhere.
        Compared to today’s normal crossover motorcycles that look like praying mantises (my wife refers to them as “grasshopper” bikes), the Stelvio is a huge aesthetic improvement over so many of its European and Japanese counterparts. While simultaneously combining capability with character…and passion.

   Hamlin had both available versions on hand. Nero Vulcano…which is a more refined black and gray combination…and Giallo Savana…which is the livelier yellow and silver/gray alternative. In addition, attendees got to lay aspiring eyes on a pair of the latest V7 Stone Corsa’s as well.

   Named after the famous Alpine Mountain pass with 48 legendary hairpin turns, Hamlin’s “Stelvio” Open House/Welcome Party likewise delivered a peak of inspired pleasure for all in attendance.

POSTSCRIPT: how’s this for a warm welcome? Hamlin sold a 2024 Stelvio on the very day of the Party, and also delivered a V7 Stone. Meanwhile, a second Stelvio was dispatched for Piaggio Demo Ride use at the May 29-June 1 Americade. Go Guzzi!

Yeah, its too far for me as well. There's not much Guzzi centered meetups going on Tampa area. Supposedly in Orlando some weeknights, but that's too much hassle with traffic. Plus we are coming in to the Early morning and night time riding season, as its hot and humid till Sept.

Still, I will be in Clayton the 3rd week of June at Camp Rainey Mountain, then swing up to Cherohala Skyway o/a 12 June, then thru Suches and either continue to a hotel stop there or furher down. Have to get back by evening of 13th. Perhaps I will run into some Guzzi people in my travels there!

General Discussion / Re: Mike Carmack (kirby1923) has passed away
« Last post by PJPR01 on May 24, 2024, 10:09:20 AM »
Here are a few from my archives as well

General Discussion / Re: Camera recommendations
« Last post by Alfetta on May 24, 2024, 10:06:58 AM »
Personally I think a rearward facing camera and a bar mounted screen would be better than mirrors...   
General Discussion / Re: What's your favorite helmet and why?
« Last post by Alfetta on May 24, 2024, 09:49:55 AM »
I think i look good in this one !

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Doesn’t look like any riders from this site (wild guzzi) are going to Saturdays lunch and only about 3 from Facebook, and  they are just a maybe.

I think I’m done listing the meet n greet lunches on here as attendance just isn’t there. 

Oh well Il stop after this summer since the summer ones (May-September) are already planned.  I understand everyone is busy and the desire for the traveling meet n greet lunches just isn’t there.  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone.


What is the attendance at these lunches?,  and where are the attendees hearing about them?

General Discussion / 11 yr old Agostini on a Guzzi 250..
« Last post by chuck peterson on May 24, 2024, 08:50:22 AM »
So that’s how he learned to ride..!


General Discussion / Re: Mike Carmack (kirby1923) has passed away
« Last post by Guzzistajohn on May 24, 2024, 08:39:52 AM »

  Yea, that guy would rub elbows with just about anyone! Even FubarGuzzi!   (photos by Tim Pierce)
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