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Your first bike ?

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I  don't have any pictures of my first bike, but here's a brochure.

At the ripe old  age of 13, I pooled all of my lawn mowing, hay money, etc.  to purchase this brand new 1971 Honda SL100.  $485, I think.


This was a time when there was an "explosion" of small bikes.  Those Honda 70's were everywhere.  A few Honda 90's.  Various others.  The Honda 90 guys had racks on the back of their bikes, so we made them carry all the sack lunches for the day.

My uncle gave me a derelict Honda CB160 that became my first road bike.  It needed a lot of work, but it proved to be solid transportation.  I put knobbies on it and a larger rear sprocket.  The speed limit went to 55 in March of 1974... and I don't think that 160 would do 70 mph anyway.


Well my first dirt 2 wheeler was this..  [after a few years with a early Honda ATC] 

My first street bike was a 77 Suzuki GS400. Great starter bike.

1965 Honda S65

1966 Honda Super 90 with a 103 kit.  Bought it from my brother when he up graded to a Yamaha big bear.

At age 14...1965 Yamaha YG1-K, 80cc Rotary Jet, two-stroke, 4-speed, just like this one!! :thumb: :boozing: :cool:


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