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Question for those who buy/sell bikes on Ebay

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Hey gang,
First off, if this is against policy here, my apologies, and please delete. I'm not trying to back-door a sales pitch on my bike, but would appreciate thoughts on to Reserve, or not to Reserve. I could just use a starting bid near my bottom line, or set a Reserve price that covers me there, but I don't want to scare off any interest, and frankly don't know what it is really worth in today's market. I'm going to get rid of that Milano, and thinking about crossing my fingers and just letting 'er rip with a no-reserve $100 opening bid, just to hopefully generate some action. Thoughts? Dumb? I figure if I get too skeert, I can always pull the plug in a couple days.
I appreciate your thoughts, and am still unwaveringly certain I'll be back with another Goose down the road!

I would start with lowest price acceptable

I say start at a comfortable minimum. At what point will you be happy enough. You can always re-list if the first time around doesnít sell. Now, what you DONíT want to be doingóand what I thought this was going to be aboutóis bidding on your own vehicle with a second account.

I sold my BMW F800 GS for a lower price than I wanted. I wish I had the minimum raised. Oh well. First time (ebay) sellerís remorse. Thatís what I get for selling it out of season.

Thanks guys, will alter listing I think. And no, haha, I wasn't planning on bidding it up with one of my several personalities! Although, when I look at the pictures, I do feel like seeing if I can get a deal on this beauty!  :thumb:

If you can try to restrict bids to buyers with known feedback. One of the latest problems with eBay is the zero feedback bidders who bid it way up but never go through with the deal. I have not figured out what the bozo gets out of doing this but Iíve had to relist numerous times, frustrating. eBay ainít what it used to be.


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