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Gas Cap Gasket.

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73 sport:
        Can anyone here provide me with the dimensions of the gasket for the "Flip"type cap on the '73/'74 Sport. I've made several with varying dimensions but they still leak. Thanks in advance.

If it is like the cap on my T3, there is a small screw in the center of the cap as you look at it from the bottom. Adjusting this changes the pressure on the gasket. Just in case you haven't tried that.


73 sport:
     Thanks for responding Mr. Moto. I understand the center screws functions. The original rubber gasket had decayed and deformed, it could not be  used for dimensional reference.

There is an early and a later size. Early has wider diameter gasket. Will take  pics and measure both, post later


2 pics

 The early cap  ( mine is from a 1974  850T tank) as in first pic is flattish, seals on outer  edge. OD on seal is 72mm.
 Later cap protrudes out and seals on the tank filler mouth , seal OD  approx. 50mm. I say approx. because another same design cap on my California 1100 shows about 48mm OD on the seal/ gasket , (possibly due to age shrinking/ reaction to fuel ?


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