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Was in Cleveland yesterday - Cleveland Moto has some year end deals

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I was at Cleveland Moto yesterday and Phil Waters the owner told me that have a couple of year end specials on Guzzi's and their Winter Storage.

$1,000 off 2014 Calfornia
$750.00 off 2014 V7

Plus free Winter storage and the Warranty does not kick in until you pull it out in the spring.

Sounded like a pretty good deal, just passing it on...

   Those are factory cash incentives funded 100% by Moto Guzzi for there top level dealers.  Europa Macchina, Lewisberry PA, my local dealer has the same offer available and the deal runs until end of December. 

Cool thanks for the update, I thought the addition of free storage through the salty Cleveland Winter and holding back on the warranty start date a nice touch.  Good to know that anyone with a good Guzzi Dealer can benefit.

Zoom Zoom:
Curt, if you find yourself up in this area again, and it is a weekend, give me a heads up and I'll hook up if I can. I'm not too far from his Mentor location. Lots of placed not too far from Phil's shop for decent food.

John Henry

Forget about the bikes, we're just super-excited about our new Scarves and Winter hats.

******it's really, really, cold here***************


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