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Has This ADV Thing gotten out of hand?

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Cage Free:
The funny thing is I would feel more in control on any of those in a real dirt trail than my 650lb+ Stelvio. I love my bike but dirt worthy it isnt.

charlie b:
That little RX3 is cute.

Sister-in-law has the Yammy scooter.  Used to ride it a lot on the dirt roads in the AZ White Mountains.  Only had a 45mph top speed.  She still uses it to commute when the weather is nice.

It seems to me, a scooter layout would be a poor choice for bouncing around on dirt trails, you dont have a gas tank to grip with your knees, and standing up on the pegs, would be standing up on the deck?
seems kinda weird to me, except for some very casual fire road riding. That being said, Im sure someone will come up with a video of a guy finishing the paris-dakar on a chinese adv scooter! ;D

chuck peterson:
actually there was a thread about 2 guys crossing the US on knock off chinese 150cc scooters...took them 10-12 days...I think it was on advrider

Sasquatch Jim:

--- Quote from: twhitaker on January 20, 2015, 12:01:13 PM ---I would not want a camoflaged  bike out in the woods. Hop off the bike because of a nature call. Turn around and the bike disappeared.

--- End quote ---

 Been there, done that.
 However, I would not be averse to an adventure with the girl in the picture.
  BTW, does the Yamaha have a frame that can carry a sidecar?


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