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1971 Ambassador revival

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Hello all, I just purchased this 1971 Ambassador. I've had a few airhead beemers over the years, and my lust for a Moto Guzzi slowly grew until I could stop myself haha. This one has been sitting for 10 years. Seller swore up and down it was running fine. Then he had leak in gas tank, took it off and had it relined and never reconnected it. I had planned to have a mechanic check it out prior to purchase, but I was not able to quickly find one willing to work on it in Portland OR, and I didn't want to miss out on it like I did on another a few weeks ago, so I just bought it.

I'd like to try to get it running, and have basic tools and shop space, but not a lot of experience with vehicle mechanics. But I'm fairly handy and willing to figure things out! If I can find a good mechanic I might have them check it out thoroughly so I know what I have my hands on.

So does anyone have any advice on how to get started? Oh there's also no battery. I do have one from my BMW R90/6 that is good, 6 volt though, these take 12v right? Need to reinstall the petcocks, attach to fuel lines, connect to battery and fire it up? Don't want to damage anything of course. I'll be doing a bunch of research I guess before I get too far.

Thanks for any advice, here is album of pictures. Lots of extra parts, many of which I do not know what they are. But it did come with fairing, cases, rear seat backrest/rack.

Ultimately I want to get it rideable and cosmetically presentable, but not fully restored just yet. I plan to just ride it around town mostly, maybe a roadtrip at some point but not a focus for me.

Start here - Greg Benders one stop shop of all things Loop Frame, what does not exist on this web site does not matter

Thanks I am aware of the chrome cylinder sleeve issue. Need to get in there and verify they have not been replaced. Probably not given the history of the bike, but you never know. If chrome looks good, can i run with it for the time being? Or imperative to replace aASAP?

--- Quote from: SoCV on September 28, 2021, 07:55:19 PM --- That engine probably still has the original chrome plated cylinders , do not start it until that is dealt with . The experts will come along soon to explain why .


--- End quote ---

AJ Huff:
Replace ASAP if chrome.


I found that site last night, but thanks! Holy toledo what a resource! Have downloaded user manual, which seller included in faded printed out copy. Good to have on my CPU as well.

--- Quote from: Canuck750 on September 28, 2021, 07:57:21 PM ---Start here - Greg Benders one stop shop of all things Loop Frame, what does not exist on this web site does not matter

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