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Troubles while traveling

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  My guess is condenser. Cheap and easy to replace.

I can't find a schematic for a 1989 Mille I wanted to find the spark arrangement.
A/ Is it one coil, a distributor and a common condenser and just one set of points
B/ a pair of coils, no distributor with 2 condensers, (for this configuration you should be able to measure Ohms from the plug cap to chassis through the resistor, HT cable and coil secondary ~ 8,000 Ohms, but same on both sides)
C/ Points with an electronic module or just a bare coil?
What type of HT cable is used, I have seen the cable that uses a carbon core let go at the ends as the carbon burns back up the wire, I had this happen on my 89 EV caused one cylinder to cut out under acceleration.  On that note do you lose a cylinder under acceleration or does it cut any time

When it drops onto one, try to keep doing whatever you need to keep it failing.
30 seconds will give enough temp difference to know which one you’ve dropped.
You won’t be able put your hand on the live one, but the dead one will be touchable for a few seconds.
If you can determine which cylinder, you have dramatically reduced the possible causes.

I got some bad gas in Oklahoma a few days ago coming back from Kansas, and the bike was sputtering and missing for about an hour.  I added a bottle of gas treatment and instantly the bike returned to normal.  May be worthwhile to try fresh gas or some gas treatment if it just started happening shortly after tanking up.

I put 4 ounces of Heet gas line anti freeze it it yesterday to no effect. I only rode it a few miles after adding the Heet, may not have been enough. Spark plugs are new now. We'll find out tomorrow how she is.

Thanks for the suggestions!



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