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Your most embarrassing motorcycle moment .

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 Here we are locked in Winter , so it is time for some humor , and maybe a bit of spirit cleansing  :laugh:

 No need to fear discussing this topic , as we have all experienced that moment when the only correct response is "oops , maybe no one saw that"  :shocked:   I have a couple to post up after while .

 So come on , we promise not to point and laugh , well , not too much anyway  :evil:



I was going to night school working on my Masters in San Antonio.  I was riding my '81 Seca 550.  The class decided to go out for beers after class.  We had several pitchers of draft.  And I drank too much.

I remember getting on the freeway and being hit with a rock the size of a walnut on my knee.  Then I decided to run up to 100 mph, hit the brakes and make the corner into my housing addition.  I hit the brakes, stopped in the road but didn't get my feet down.  I went over like the tricycle on Laugh In.  Then rolled my ankle picking up the bike.  Rode home, went to bed.

Next day, got up, rode to work.  I got in the office and bent over and my ankle hurt immediately.  I remember wearing a flannel shirt, the office was hot, I was hungover and got very nauseous.   

I had to go home sick.  Rode home, went to bed.


About as dumb as I can remember excect for another time I was riding home from work in San Antonio and decided to peg it on hwy 90 doing about 100.  When I slowed to get on Loop 410 and looked in the mirror, the cop car was bearing down on me so that I could see vortexes of dust behind him.  The cop was huge guy who said he had been trailing me for about 4 miles........

Dusty, here's my contribution.

Several years ago, on a bright, warm spring Sunday, I was leaving one of my favorite restaurants in the beautiful little canal town of Peninsula, Ohio.  I had no sooner straddled the bike (BMW Rockster) when two lovely Ducatis pulled in and parked next to me.  I shut off the engine, and chatted with the riders for a moment, then decided I needed a closer look at their bikes.  As I dismounted, the bike didn't settle on the side stand ..... I'd put it up (!!) so the little Rockster crashed to the asphalt.

Both the Duc riders jumped to the rescue and began picking the bike up. 

Bad enough to do this in front of a couple of strangers.  To add to my embarrassment, the restaurant manager, who was on the outdoor patio, heard the noise, saw the problem, and began shouting "Bob, are you ok?"  Now, of course, everyone on the patio is looking.  I'm thinking 'please, please .... don't ask me again!'

Embarrassed ............ oh, yeah!

Sasquatch Jim:
 I was riding my SR500 coming into Klamath Falls Oregon.  Stood up on the pegs to fart, only it wasn't a fart.
 I had to ride standing up all the way home.

bad Chad:
After a hard weekend at the IA Guzzi rally a few years back, a gaggle of us Guzzi riders road down the dirt road to the ferry crossing over to Cassville WI.   As we road up to the staging area a group of HD ridders were already there waiting.  The five of us road up to a stop, and then, then my Bassa tipped to the left, and down I went, bike and all!   I too forgot to put my feet down!  That sweet ass Bassa said, "dude, if you aren't going to pour me the coals, then you ass is going down and down it did!   Right in view of the HD riders, Dough!!!    Thankfully my fellow comrades jump in to help rectify the situation and all appeared ok. 

I felt like a dipstick!  But we all had a good laugh.  Later I found I tore my meniscus on that slow tip over, I would have never thought that would happen as the damaged knee was on the other side and never even hit the ground, but the way I twisted my leg as I went down did the damage.   That's my most embarrassing thing to happen yet while on a motorcycle, I have done far more embarrassing things after parking the Guzzi for the night!   


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