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Your most embarrassing motorcycle moment .

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I never did anything stupid.
I won't do it again, either.


 So since I started this ...

 The first really embarrassing personal incident happened at about 10 years of age . We were at the old Salvation Army Summer camp outside of Wichita , and there was one of those weird clown scooters on campus , the strange little beasts that had something resembling a chair located close to the ground where the operator sat . It had a lever throttle with no return , worked like a lawn mower throttle . There was a dirt road running around the property , probably a mile around that ran right by the pool . You guessed it , I went racing by the pool feeling all grown up and cool , forgot the throttle didn't shut off on its own and failed to negotiate the left hand curve just past the pool . Ran off into a shallow ditch , bounced off the scooter, landing in a very ungraceful manner while all of the older kids at the pool cheered me on  :rolleyes: :laugh:


As a young motor officer I had been in the prestigious position for only two days when being dispatched to a minor fender bender in the parking lot of a trucking company. It was around 4:30 in the evening as the office was letting out. I pulled into the parking lot with blue light on, mostly to accomplish getting the attention of several young ladies office employees who were walking to their cars. The pretty shiny electric glide had an issue of coughing after cutting it off. When I stopped and suavely kicking out the kickstand and stepping off, the bike was in gear and about the time I was completely off, the motor coughed, the harley lunged foreword. The stand latch hadn�t engaged and  the big beautiful electra glide fell over like it had been shot by a sniper. The laughter erupted from the pack of young ladies and a flood of embarrassment came over me. However a flood of adrenaline also surged through my body and I snatched that harley up like it was a bicycle. I tipped my helmet to the ladies and strutted off towards the OTHER ACCIDENT I was suppose to investigate.

From that day foreword anytime someone would ask me how much that big harley weighted my response was always the same..... DEPENDS ON HOW MANY LADIES ARE WATCHING WHEN YOU DROP IT😂

I "borrowed" my dad's CZ. Rode it into town, to the campus of the Carnegie Library, where all my 420 buds hung out. They were all sitting on the concrete wall by the grass, as always. I wanted to pull the bike up onto the sidewalk to get it out of the street. I revved it, popped the clutch, and the bike bounced off the tall curb, in a crooked wheelie. What was worse, I still held onto the bars with my, er,  right hand.  :embarrassed: So, there I was, half on, half off the bike as it wheelied toward the red light. It got out of my grip, and rolled , down the hill. I had to run along side, and kick it over to make it stop. It knocked a nice chunk of yellow CZ paint off the front fender. I then had a lot of 'splainin to do when the old man got home..... :sad:

After 40 years of riding without a motorcycle endorsed licence, I decided it was time. So I enrolled in the required course and on the fist day in the morning classroom session while we were introducing ourselves and telling about our previous riding experience, I was sitting in my chair balancing on the two rear legs like I frequently do, in that state of not knowing which way you are going to go. Down I went over backwards while all eyes are on me.
They even let me on the bikes later in the afternoon. I passed my test!


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