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Your most embarrassing motorcycle moment .

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my most embarring moment came in San Antonio.  I was taking a UTSA night class working on my Master's.  The class and instructor retreated to a bar for the last night.  :boozing:   I was on my 550 Seca-  if you've seen the Laugh-In tricycle you might have a clue.    :embarrassed:  :shocked:

Anyway, it was private.  N0 one ever saw it.   :thumb:

I might say I went to work the next day and had to come home not feeling well.   :sad:

So, fill i the blanks.      :lipsrsealed:

I won't to share my personal predicament beyond innuendo and your assumptions.  :laugh:

A friend asked me to go visit him at a social cricket match between the company he worked for and another. It was a nice sunny day so I took my 850 Le Mans, pulled up on the edge of the bitumen and had my right foot on the bitumen talking to my friend. A car passed me real close at speed and blew me off balance. I pushed down with my left foot on the marble gravel to try to counter, foot went west and the bike went over with me on top of it. Of course everyone turned around after the thud to see me akimbo on top of my bike. Broke 2 fins off of the left head.


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