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Dave Swanson:
I am a regular lap swimmer at my local YMCA.  I swim a mile every morning 6 days a week.  For the first time I experienced chest pain while swimming this week, and went to get it checked out. 

The end result was a triple bypass yesterday!  Sitting up for the first time now.   Very lucky this was detected!  My "widow maker" was 100% blocked with 2 others 95, and 90% blocked.  Evidently over the years due to my active lifestyle collateral vessels were built up to compensate.   

It looks like I will have more years ahead on the bike!!

chuck peterson:

Good to see you here

Good that you were diligent in getting it checked out , Dave. 👍

Glad you caught it and got it taken care of. My Dad had a seven way when he was in his seventies. I would tell him he   got one for each kid, ( I'm one of seven}  I remember him being amazed at how much better and clearer thinking he felt after the surgery.  These things creep up slowly on us and sometime we don't notice the subtle symptoms.  I'm glad you didn't just think it was a muscle strain from swimming and let it continue. Nice work as usual. Hope you are back at it soon. :thumb:

Damn Dave!  You’re well on your way to being a bionic man. 

Pace yourself, glad you’re okay.  My father died of heart disease, so I have a 3D cardio ct scan done every 7 years or so.



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