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Low Mileage LMIV on the lift

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Hesitate to post on the 'builds' board as this is really just a refresh, and I'm not at the level of the guys typically found here. Still, its bringing a slumbering beauty back to life, and I value everyone's experience. FEEL FREE to opine at your pleasure.

-'85 LeMans 1000
-< 14k on the clock
-stock, except for Dyna Ignition coils and bar end mirrors, as far as I know at this point.
16 year old Metzelers.

Parked 4 years ago due to health issues. Ethanol laden fuel left in the tank and carbs. Petcocks off and in a climate controlled midwestern garage.

It's only done 3000 miles since 2009, and 0 in the last 4 years. So while it's certainly has not been abused, it's care and maintenance has left room for improvement. Dead as a doornail, and I've not even thought about cranking anything until she's gone through.

Plan is to drain and replace all fluids. Fuel lines and brake lines are brittle. PROBABLE carb rebuild. New battery. New Tires.
Thoughts on the airbox and large crossover being launched are welcome.

LM 1000 owners...what did you do for tires last time you needed them?

And awaaaaay we go!

It's amazing how quickly this becomes just another Tonti...

Never ever seen so many zip ties employed.

nice! Keep the pics coming!

Clean and very good looking bike.  Hopefully just a careful going through and fresh tires.  Please post many pics.

lovely bike

I think those dyna coils are 99percent likely to be junk now.

Great coils, but the manufacturer specifies that they must be mounted to the frame at both ends, this is to aid heat dissipation....

Looks like your PO took the easier cable tie route!

Brackets off 80s jap bikes can be fairly easily modified to fit the guzzi frame behind the side cover, If I had a smart phone I'd snap you some pics of how I did it...

And... is that a 16 front wheel? Make sure you run the updated air pressures.

FWIW I prefer a 16 wheel on the later lemans


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