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Roy Rojas Wahl, best :-) customer of Piaggio group: 1985 Vespa PX200E Lusso (still alive and running!!!), 2010 Moto Guzzi California Vintage (deceased & totaled by obnoxious car driver), and 2014 California 1400 Touring (still riding today)

Hi Every one..........thanks for adding me.
My Name is Dino, I am 52 years of age
I live in beautiful Western North Carolina

Bike inventory: 1992 ZX Ninja (first bike)
                        1998 Buell S1W White lighting
                         2002 MG V11 Lemans
                         2009 HD  CVO Springer
                          2010  MV Agusta F4 (Custom Cafe racer)
                           2014 Husky FE501
                            2023 Stark Varg (waiting on delivery)

                             wife's Inventory:  2009 KLX250sf
                                                       2013 MG V7 racer
                              Kids Inventory:  Oset 16.5
                                                       Yam TTR50
                                                        Yam  TTR90
                                                       Kawasaki KLX250S....2ea.

Hobbies........To many to list.

Goot Morning. Tim, 62, retired HD Mech from Vernon BC.  Whilst there are 6 or 7 bikes in the garage (usually old beemers, some japanese) this will be mine first M.G. I joined here because of the resource. So, thanks! for being here all you bonafides and esp the founder/operator of the site.
Cheers tim

What kind of Guzzi does a H-D Mech ride Tim, it's afternoon here.

Iron Cross Junction:

--- Quote from: guzzisteve on July 03, 2022, 01:53:17 PM ---What kind of Guzzi does a H-D Mech ride Tim, it's afternoon here.

--- End quote ---

Good question, Steve.

I also wondered about Sig. Tofel, who hails  from Harleysville, Pa.!

Several interesting additions to membership recently, e.g. Roy Wahl's, with a running 85 Vespa.  :bow:



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