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Introductions thread...Introduce yourself to the group !

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I thought I went thru registering and introducing myself to a few MG forums but I guess I missed the introduction part on this one!
Anyhow, I bought a 2017 Stelvio in early 2019, had the 600-mile service done, removed CA canister couple of years back. Installed Fuel Optimisers (02 sensor hack).
I have been doing the fluid flushes myself using good stuff and the bike has been running great.


Hello, this is my introduction. Screen name is Gustav, that is the poodles name, My name is Paul. Recently bought a 2007 Nevada Classic, which is having starting issues, as I've read some of these "modern bikes" have. Hope to get it fixed soon. Re-tired, now part-time staff at church. Age is 70, still  with original wife. Have wanted a Guzzi for the past 45 years, figured now or never. Life is good, thank you all for having me. Paul

Hey Paul, I used to go to Dale's in Rock Island pretty often in the 80's when I farmed south of DeKalb, IL

   Thanks Steve. Yes sir, I remember Dale's Ducati, a true Ma & Pa shop. Every time I'm in R.I., I think about Dale and his family. Paul

Hi everyone, I'm fabio from Italy, I am a CAD designer.


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