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I've been having Guzzi issues lately.  The Greenie is still in the shop AWP for fuel pump (blows the 10A fuse).  My EV has displayed some TPS symptoms and has been having some hot start issues..... some advice regarding the strange EV problems would be appreciated.


It has a schizophrenic idle.  It either idles normally (1100 rpms), or on it's own, it will idle fast (2000 rpm).   Now here's the other thing, when it idles fast, it run real good.  When its idling normally, between 3-4k rpms, it surges at steagy throttle and backfires when I down shift (I attributed this to my TPS).  I am guessing it's running too lean when it's in a mode to idle normally.  I have no idea why it wants to idle fast.

2nd problem:

It won't restart when I fill it at a gas station.  This has happened a couple or three times now.  I believe the fuel pump is energized (can't hear that well), cranks hard but won't fire.  Opening the gas cap, doesn't help.  Then I take off the side cover to look at the fuses and it fires up.  I am thinking about getting relays from Pyro Dan but I am just shooting in the dark.

This is all voodoo to me.

I am not going to put paxil in the tank. 

when is the last time the valves were adjusted? they could be too tight.

have you messed with the idle trim dial on the CPU? now there is where some voodoo is..  it's not always the TPS at fault but could be.

could you have an air leak when it idles schizo? (at the throttlebodies/intake)

2nd problem could also be tight valves? or a relay for sure.. get some new ones from PyroDan. ignition switch also comes to mind, wiggle the key next time it won't start.
Realys are cheap, TPS not so..would be best to get a diagnostic picture before just replacing it.

I'm thinking a loose or broken head temp sensor rt cyl, up near the head.  They're famous for breaking their mount.

temp sensor?  OK.  I'll take look.

I can adjust the valves but I'd be surprised if they are a problem.  If anything, they might be a little loose-they clatter a little to my ear but not by much. 

I haven't played with the idle trim since I came back from the Salida National Rally in 2009.


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