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Title: V7 II Clutch Replacement Tips & Tricks
Post by: Dirk_S on May 19, 2022, 05:03:37 PM
Looks like Iíll be missing the remainder of my MABDR trip after that gnarly rock garden in Poe Paddy State Park really smoked my clutch. The clutch sometimes slips easily, but I can also tell that itís just not fully gripping since Iíve lost a little power. Iím bummed, but at least Iím around family and can spend a week catching up with friends and family.

As I was leaving my auntís house to head back to the MABDR route, I happened across a custom bike bike builderís shop just 2 miles down the road. He said he typically doesnít repair other peopleís bikes, but once I showed him the Guzzi and the exploded diagram of the motor, he essentially offered to work on it. Heís worked previously for the military on nuclear subs, has a lot of automotive experience, and also welds, so I think I can trust him to work on this job.

Together we spent a few hours sourcing parts, and found that AF1 had the pushrod kit, and Enzo at Cadre has a lightly used clutch from one of those early V7 IIs with the crank bearing/washer issue. The bike had only a couple hundred miles, and he said the clutch looks new. All parts should hopefully be at my auntís door by Tuesday, and weíll get to work.

Iím eager to see this thing split open and learn. That said, since neither he nor I have any experience dropping and opening up the V7 motor, and replacing the clutch, Iím curious if there are any nuances or funky things to note or keep in mind when working on this job?

Title: Re: V7 II Clutch Replacement Tips & Tricks
Post by: SmithSwede on May 19, 2022, 11:25:36 PM
Dirk:  Iíve done this job several times.  Itís not bad if you take it slow and are methodical. 

Do replace the back engine oil seal while you are in there.

PM me if I can help
Title: Re: V7 II Clutch Replacement Tips & Tricks
Post by: Dirk_S on May 20, 2022, 10:41:41 AM
Much appreciate it, SS. I just purchased an oil seal to include with the work.