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Silly movie word game .....

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Upon mature reflection, this might have been too hard if you weren't in complete mental tune with our family .. or maybe winter isn't long enough yet.

In any case, here are the answers ...

PEOPLE -  Lena Lamont in Singin in the Rain “People?  I ain’t PEOPLE!”

MAYBE – Thunderdome, Aunty asks “Ironbar?  Can he do it?”   Shrugs.  “Maybe”.

MAYBE (again) – Major Payne “And MAYBE, you should pop yo’ t!tty out the boy’s mouth and let him grow UP!”

POSSIBLY – Road Warrior, old man in the refining compound asks the gyro-captain “Will this machine carry two?” – gyro-captain leers at girl and says “Possibly!”.   Only Bruce Spence can do this right.

CLOTHES – My Fair Lady, old woman in Eliza’s flat to Eliza’s dad … “And she said, ‘never mind about bringing any CLOTHES …. !”

SENSITIVE – Major Payne … “I will be SENSITIVE to his needs …”

PLAN -  Thunderdome, Max asks “What’s the plan?” and Pigkiller responds “Plan?   There ain’t no plan!!”

PRESSURE – Major Payne, as he prepares to break his patient’s finger to take his mind off his injury “Now, you might feel a little PRESSURE…”

SHIED – My Fair Lady, Henry Higgins “Now where did I leave my slippers?   Oh yes, you SHIED them at me!”

SLACK – Thunderdome, First Tracker to Max – “You reckon we been slack?”  Max – “I don’t know, maybe you been slack”

URNS – “The Music Man”, Eulalie McKechnie Shinn directing the dance – “Grecian URRRRRNNNNS”

SMUTTY – Same movie same person “It’s a smutty book”

NOTHING – “Oklahoma” Ado Addie asking Ali Hakim “And what do they wear when they bathe in Persia”?   Ali – “NOTHING!”

PARADISE – Same movie, Ali Hakim to Ado Annie – “For you and me baby, PARADISE!”

GIRLS – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers come to town.  “LOOK – Girls!”

POORLY – Old knight, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  “He chose …. Poorly”.

DUMMY – Major Payne tosses a hand grenade.  “Who’s the dummy now?”

WISELY – Last Crusade.

RIGHT – “Fiddler on the Roof” – Yenta  “Right?  Of course right!”

MOVEMENT – “Music Man” again – Eulalie.  “MOVEment!”

IF – Evil stepmother in Cinderella.  “I said … IIIIFFFF”

ACTING – Jon Lovitz’ “Master Thespian” on SNL

MEAT – Orc in “The Two Towers”.   “Yeah, why can’t we have some meat?”

FORESEEN – “Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back”.  The emperor – “I have foreseen it!”

BANANA – Monty Python – John Cleese teaching the recruits to defend themselves against fresh fruit.

WEIRD – Iago in “Aladdin” – “Should I take this picture?   I think I’m making a weird face in it.”   

Lannis, once again yousa ahead of da koive..why we just be getting our first flakes now as I type, er word process or whatever it is we do now.  Thanks for the answers, I almost had three of them. ;D


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We do some silly movies but Will Ferrell is way on the other side of our curve .... !

Badges :D



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