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Sessantacinque GT rehab (V65 GT), frame crabbing, gear box, transmission

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Hey, Muzz.  That came to me in a dream, after pinching my fingers in the gears many times.

I gave up on tightening the nuts my self.  I did not have a solid way of holding the gear box while working the wrenches.
I even bought the special tools from the dealer ($160 for both) and I could not hold the box steady in a vise.  I was afraid to break it or scratch it.
If I had a welder, I might have built the jig to put the box in a vise, but I had lost my patience.  I wanted to ride the bike.
So I went to a Guzzi dealer near me.  I gave them new nuts, gaskets and the whole assembly.  They had it together in less than an hour... and another $150  :cry:
I reassembled the bike a couple weeks ago.  Shifting gears on the kick stand seemed to work.

Scout63 helped me build the confidence to do this work myself.   A heat gun worked wonders to extract the bearings from the gear box.
We took the gear trees out and cleaned them.  We put it all back together without really finding anything wrong.
The eccentric screw was not set properly, but I don't think I would have gotten it to work without seeing what's going on inside the box.

I've been riding for a week now and all the gears are working.  I do hit a neutral sometimes, but I think I need to rotate the shift level one notch to make it easier on my foot.
The downshifting is kind of hard.  I need to push down with my foot more than I expect.  I might have to play with the screw some more.

Here it is now with new windshield and LED lights.

After a 120 mile ride last week, I discovered one of the front forks has a slight oil leak.  Here we go again.

Hello Pescatore
 I talked with you at NH Rally a little bit.
 Fabulous job on your Dads Bike. After all that work it is Your Bike now.
 I learned so much from the Wild Goose Guys, I dont think I could do what you accomplished .
 Nice to meet you and look forward to meeting you again.
 Great Story

Hi Charlie, thanks for the nice comment.
I hope this helps someone else with a small block engine.
I am cautiously optimistic about going far places with this bike.  I will try to make it to more rallies.
Nice to meet you and thanks for posting pictures.


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