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Great Wednesday ride
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:42:33 PM »
Veteran's day... off of work!  And I'm a veteran!  Decided to take the V7 out for a long-ish ride or about 100 miles (nothing compared to the some of the iron butts here).  Last weekend, I found what 'might have been' the reason for some electrical issues I was having... namely, just poorly tightened electrical connections to the battery terminals.  For good measure, I fiddled with every little tab and connector I could find, disconnecting and reconnecting.  Seems to have done some good.  And I got to know the bike a little better.

Anyway, not a single stall (I did let the bike warmup before taking off), electrical or otherwise.  Just beautifully cool air and open roads in the San Diego back country.  Stopped a couple times, once to eat, and once to purchase a new pair of gloves from Cycle Gear... after which I had no hot start problems whatsoever.  The V7 ran smoothly, reliably, pulling like a tractor around the curved, mountain roads East of the city.  Man, I love this bike. 

Any little issues seem to be easily dealt with, and the smiles that the bike brings far outweighs them.   :grin:

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