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NGC vintage pedal cars
« on: January 10, 2015, 05:52:15 AM »
im sorry if ive posted a similar question before. ive got a mk1 zephyr pedal car my now deseased mate herbie dropped off a week before he died for me to restore for him. do any of you know of pedal car enthuisate web sites, or groups? im hopeless at searching the web. as herbie is no longer with us I plan to restore it to the best standard I can, and donate it to proberbly the biggest automotive museum  in new Zealand in, southwards in paraparaumu. The late sir len southwards excellent collection. its pretty complete except some trim and wheels, im going to make trim out of ss and alloy, and think ill spin up some wheels,out of alloy,. proberbly fat. lets face it skinny wheels are for loops and early tontis. theres the guzzi content. no kids gonna ever plant there arse in this thing in a museum so its got room for tubs. thanks if anyone can point me to websites that may help in this project

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Re: NGC vintage pedal cars
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I do not know collector value of those things, but, you might contact the museum first and see what condition they would like it in.  Restoration is a tricky business as some items are more valuable with the rust and such than they are with a fresh job done on them.

And, you might fine they do not want it in any condition.  If you donated it they might put it in a warehouse or sell
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