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General Discussion / Re: Stuck oil filter cover
« Last post by greer on Today at 10:03:20 PM »
Sure was a pleasure to meet you in Cedar Vale, Sarah!

You too Maynard, along with the rest of the bunch.  Now Doug and I are pondering Keene, NH next month.  Rally fever!

General Discussion / Re: Oops. Speedo end washer slipped into end case
« Last post by pehayes on Today at 09:56:46 PM »
Go back to the start of this story.  IIRC,  you can't install the vertical drive gear with the washer already attached to it.  I don't believe there is adequate room.  You hit the output shaft gear with the lower washer and that is what knocked it off your vertical shaft.

I have always done this by reaching in and installing a dab of grease on the casting at the bottom of the hole.  Now reach in with a long piece of coat hanger wire so its end fits into the recess at the bottom.  No slide the thrust washer down the coat hanger wire until it seats and centers in the grease puddle at the bottom.  Now remove the coat hanger and install the vertical shaft right into the resting lower washer.  Bob's  your uncle.

Patrick Hayes
Fremont CA
General Discussion / Re: NGC This happened on the way to a Goldwing!
« Last post by inditx on Today at 09:54:59 PM »
Well, at least they were flakes, instead of scammers. 
The LT looks like a nice bike- those things are enormous!

The EV I bought from you runs like a champ.  I made a few...adjustments to it.

Good to hear jrt what did you do to the EV?
General Discussion / Re: NGC This happened on the way to a Goldwing!
« Last post by inditx on Today at 09:53:45 PM »
CONGRATS inditx!  A few photos for you...

...(and no more making fun of my "Moby Dick", aka "The Great White Whale!)

Thanks JJ. Itís a blue one.
No more poking fun at the whale, I now have a land yacht!
General Discussion / Re: 1960 Panther video
« Last post by Toystoretom on Today at 09:52:40 PM »
I feel better after watching that!
General Discussion / Re: What is in your tool kit?
« Last post by John A on Today at 09:51:43 PM »
What kind of trips do you do?  That really decides it.  A test light is good, some miscellaneous fasteners, a small vice grips. Allen wrenches,  some spanners :8, 10, 11,13 17,19  A spare clutch cable ,crescent wrench, flashlight, screwdrivers. Small fire extinguisher. Tire stuff.  Thatís some of the stuff thatís always on the bike and then I vary it according to the trip and mechanical condition of the bike. I have a sidecar so I tend to bring things to fix other peopleís bikes as well
Well, bit the bullet and took the nut off, retained the little ball bearing and the worm drive, and didn't touch the seal, and got the washer out.  It was stuck in a pile of grease against the seal, out of reach of the worm drive.  Sucked taking everything off to this point, but now I can replace the boot on the swingarm, check everything, install the speedo drive and make sure everything goes where it should.  If I can get the swingarm to magically go back into place, nothing harmed and gained some good experience. 
  I appreciate the suggestions, and if any volunteers want to come here and reassemble everything, let me know and Ill leave the front door open.  And if you can find the good scotch, you deserve to drink it. 
General Discussion / Re: Limey V7 Sport on BaT.
« Last post by Scout63 on Today at 09:39:45 PM »
Nice bike.  Iím glad the seller didnít shine it up. I like the maroon ones better but I think and hope this one will go big.
General Discussion / Re: For the fishermen out there.
« Last post by Scout63 on Today at 09:31:04 PM »
We get monkfish while bottom fishing here.  Slice the head off boatside and keep the tail. That Anglerfish is another reason I and Chuck Berry donít swim naked.
General Discussion / Re: What is in your tool kit?
« Last post by Scout63 on Today at 09:26:31 PM »
Iím still game for this topic.  Rather than list the whole kit, which is a BMW rollup in my backpack, the most important pieces are zip ties, spare levers and metric wrenches.  Also extra cash and my Hagertyís tow card.
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