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  Looking to mount my iPhone with waze to the Norge and eyeing using the back of the windshield motor wall surface facing the rider..  I have the X Claw and long enough iphone connect to run  to the battery or 12V power port.     Looking at both of these or recommendations how you did  mount a cell phone or GPS to the Norge?

A RAM mount with a Quad Lock is the most secure...much better than the X Claw.  You'll just need to get a Quadlock case for your Phone, or the holder itself which attaches.

If you're really looking to splurge, you can even get a Charging Quadlock, wired in if needed.

Similar mounting situation for GSP...RAM mounts...both can be mounted using the long screws which hold on the brake/clutch reservoirs...

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 Thanks Paul,  I was even looking at the Ball holder that mounts under the mirror stalk....  I already own the Claw just looking to repurpose if safe and applicable.  HOW to attach to the Bike is the primary question?   Pictures?

Hi Mike,

Here's a good pic from can zoom in...GPS TomTom 550 mounted on the clutch reservoir, Quadlock mounted on brake reservoir.  Hopefully you can Zoom in on the pick...the RAM mounts come with long screws that go thru molded mounting bracket...just be careful not to over tighten (sufficient to keep the reservoirs from rotation on the bars, but not so much to strip the threads).

Hope this helps!

Try one of these

They fit really nicely on the bar mounts


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