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1965 Benelli / Motobi 200 Sprite

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I have been making some progress of late on the Benelli 200 Sprite, I think I may have sourced all the missing engine / transmission parts,

All new case bearings from 123 Bearings
missing transmission and engine parts from Mac Dennis  - (New York State) Moto Spares LLC  - / Detlef Burian (Germany) / William Kuehn - Santo Di Motocicli - (Ebay USA)

Antietam Classic Cycle:

I have come to a stand still with the Benelli Sprite motor build, the crank shaft that came in the boxes of parts appears to be for a 5 speed 250 and not a 4 speed 200. I was able to find what was advertised on Ebay as a 150 / 175 / 200 Sprite 4 Speed crank shaft, good and bad, the con rod is good but the crank web pieces are worn out, the pin just about falls out. I need to find at a minimum a pair of crank webs but the sources I have been using don't have any.

worst case my machinist says he might be able to use the pin out of the 250 crank and bore out the 200 crank webs to take the bigger pin (the 200 pin is stepped with 20mm for the webs and 24mm for the big end, the 250 pin is a straight 24mm).

These are the basic dimmensions of the crank shaft I am after should anyone have one available :rolleyes:

A bit of progress on the Benelli Sprite, I found a decent crank shaft (it came with a motor  :grin:) and the good news is the engine is a 4 speed 250 (74mm bore), good head, cylinder, crank and transmission but one of the cases is cracked, might be able to get it welded up.

Ebay seller - santo_di_motocicli (William Kuhen) has a NOS oversize piston / rings so I think I can build a 250cc motor for the bike and put the 200 4 speed engine on the shelf for when I find a decent crank for that motor.

The Ebay seller ( yz12910rv ) gave me a very generous refund for the cracked case, there are good people out there!

I don't see a picture of the inside of the head Jim, although the valve angles say it is a hemi. piston is a flat top.  Any idea of the compression ratio?


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