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Ď79 Spada Refresh

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Starting a brief thread on my refresh of Tomís Spada. Itís in great original shape but needs updating.  Iíve already replaced the rear tire, cleaned the sump, replaced the chromed rocker arm covers, bought a battery, replaced the fork seals and dust covers (provided by Tom), flushed the fuel tank, installed new fuel lines, greased rear splines and replaced the fluids.  In process are carb and brake system rebuilds, front tire replacement, air filter replacement and engine and gearbox scrubbing. Yet to come are head and rocker arm gasket replacement, valve adjustment and points replacement. I took a peek at the bottom end from below and it looks great. Hopefully the whole process will take no more than two or three weeks.


Antietam Classic Cycle:
I thought he told me it needed a clutch?


--- Quote from: Antietam Classic Cycle on December 04, 2021, 08:47:42 AM ---I thought he told me it needed a clutch?

--- End quote ---

That I didnít know Charlie.  Iíll check with Tom before I button it up.  I would think the clutch should be fine with 20,300 miles on it. Iím not looking forward to crabbing a bike for the fourth time in three months.  Thanks,  Ben

Further progress.  Front tire installed, air box cleaned, engine degreased.


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