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v7 sport "fence post" rebuild

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Two Checks:
50/50 mix of atf and acetone.

Yes, try heating the head.  The heads are aluminum, and the nuts are steel.  Different rates of expansion.

Still have to get the headers off the heads, then remove the heads to ultimately remove the cylinders. 

This was the one rescued in a recent thread right?  I do hope this is the start of a project-long thread, and that you will write about your experiences (and post pics) as you go.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
Heat the head if you can, but this usually isn't very effective while it's still attached to the bike, since you'll be heating the cylinder and more besides. Takes quite a large heat source to warm it enough to be effective.

The only thing that has worked for me (and only 20% of the time) in this situation is to "throw everything at it": all at the same time, heat it, drown it in penetrant and use an air hammer with a chisel ground blunt to try to move it.

All of that failed on my latest project, so I cut the header pipe off, removed the head and took it to my local machine shop. They very careful mill through the pipe and the nut in two places opposite each other and then the remnants are fairly easily removed.

Chuck in Indiana:
This thread is worthless without pitchers..  :smiley:


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