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Yesterday I bought a 1979 G5. Indicated ~50,000 miles, but who knows what the real number is.

The old girl is in quite a state, cosmetically.

But most of the important bits and bobs are there. She rolls smooth, with no undue noises. I am able to shift the gearbox through all the gears by hand. Clutch actuation still works. The PO indicates that the engine is not seized and that they were able to start the engine in September. I did not ask them to reproduce this feat for fear of causing unnecessary damage in the attempt.

The right side crash bar bolt is bent, indicating she went down at some point. Thankfully the frame still runs straight. I didn't want those police bars anyway.  :laugh:

The wiring is a total mess and I will likely have to replace or create a new harness.

I plan to start stripping her down on Saturday. I intend to make her a city and light touring duty bike. Livery still under consideration. I'm going through all the wonderful build and restoration threads here for inspiration. Along with spending a bit of quality time with Guzziology.

I might have a less tatty speedo housing and the tach surround for the itty bitty tach that's fed by the cable coming through the steering head.  Also straight fenders and possibly other incidental bits.  PM if interested.

That should buff out nicely. :grin:

Antietam Classic Cycle:
Wiring harness(es):

You're going go have some good fun. The G5 is one of the best Tonti-framed Guzzi models to begin with. It's a great bike in its own right and may be modified in endless ways or run as a fine stock bike. It also has a clear advantage over things like an 850 T-3 beyond just the bigger displacement. Since it has iron cylinder bores you won't be faced with the flaking chrome bore issue that can be an $800 problem on the 850 T and T-3, as well as other earlier Guzzis. And, you're already money ahead because you have the hard-to-find and expensive original headlight bucket and shell. Mr. Vetter's Windjammer plague didn't apparently victimize your bike. Congratulations!

Would you like a CD containing PDF copies of all of the factory Moto Guzzi G5 documentation (Owners, Workshop and Parts Manuals), as well as copies of period brochures and advertisements, wiring diagrams, helpful hints and illustrated step-by-step engine and transmission rebuild instructions, and much more? If so, just send me a PM with your full name and mailing address and I'll drop one in the mail. No charge.

The same offer applies to all WildGuzzi members. I also have model-specific CDs for the 850 T; 850 T-3; Convert; 1000 SP; California II; California III; 1000S; original Le Mans 850; Lemans II/CX100; Le Mans III; Le Mans 1000 (IV and V); a compilation on the Mille GT_T5_SP2_Strada; a compilation on the V7_Sport-750S-750_S3; and a general but incomplete CD on older small blocks.

Same deal applies to any WildGuzzi member: Send me a PM with your full name and mailing address, the model(s) for which you'd like a CD, and your full mailing address. Free. Shipped worldwide.


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