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Just became the proud owner of a V7S frame,(  dated Dec 1972  timing gears engine, Cr-Mo frame) crankcase and gearbox. Already have a well sorted out 850T based 750S tribute bike , so many (correct) items can find their way on the V7S chassis, and the 850T can return to its original form.
As for the  V7S motor, I am pondering between a 78mm stroke  with ex Rennsport 89mm bores cylinders with forged Arias pistons ( items already in my stash) , or perhaps  do  a HMB 88mm bore  kit with the (70mm) V7S crank. Either way still lots of work to be done. Will post pics

Very cool.  It will be great to rehome those special parts….

My vote is to retain the short stroke V7S crank configuration.  The way these special 750 Sport engines rev and turn on at higher rpm is part of the magic of the package. 

I’ve never done what you are embarking on so kudos to you. :bow: :thumb:
I would advocate avoiding chasing performance at the expense of everyday rideability and liveability.
You want to be out and about on it, before the electric bike, sword of Damocles breaks the thread and drops.
Nice and calm power that starts easily.

First pics of assessment. Frame appears straight as the lower rails bolt up and holes center up front and rear. It did take a hit on the left downtube but the straight edge shows no bends and the same as the right side downtube . The front timing cover fits with only slight gapping (1.1mm) per  side which could be due to the lower frame rails being tensioned before offering the timing cover or?...
Perhaps when a front end gets mocked up I may find more surprises.
The tubular end extension at the rear of the lower rails do make it a V7S from what I gather
With a 70mm crank in place for mock-up the piston is about 4mm below deck, something that I was expecting.
A few pics below , feel free to comment

Looks like wrong pistons. V7 sport pistons are 4mm higher.


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