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I hope this isn't too off topic, but I just finished customizing my 06' Yamaha Morphous 250cc scooter. It's popular to do outrageous custom scooters in Japan. I liked what I saw here:

and decided to do something similar myself. First pic below shows my Morphous just after I bought it. Other pics show the final product after doing the following:

Wrapped all body panels with blue chrome vinyl wrap
Painted footwell and dash parts white
Sewed new seat cover with faux crocodile and ostrich skin vinyl
Added chrome mirrors, brake levers, hand grips and cable wrap
Installed aftermarket stainless exhaust
Replaced the black rubber footrest panels with aluminum
Installed fake chrome fork covers

Chrome is the hardest type of vinyl wrap to install, and I'd never done it before. I had to redo 3 panels, but it looks OK from a few feet away. I'd never made a seat cover before. That was tricky.

Just after I bought it:

What it looks like now:

Very cool! How did you deal with scratches (if any) before putting the wrap on? Does the wrap cover them, or do those need dealt with?

You did a great job!  To cool for school, very Bōsōzoku!!

I had to do a lot of body work before doing the wrap. The prior owner had crashed it, though she didn't admit to it. Pieces had scratches and deep gouges. Some were cracked or broken. Tabs for fasteners were broken off and I had to reconstruct them with epoxy, fiberglass and carbon fiber. I've realized I'm not great at fussy body work, so it's not perfect. You really need perfect bodywork and paint before you wrap. Defect show through.

I sure am getting to meet new, friendly people when I ride it now. :cheesy:

Guzzi Gal:
I love it! I have a couple of friends that have those in stock form. Now I think I need one in my garage. :thumb:


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