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1998 Centauro refresh

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Hi all

my intro post is here

so 2 days ago and a bit I fell into a 1998 Centauro that has not run in a few years, and I bought it over the phone sight unseen. I was not looking for another bike, but I have never seen a Centauro before and I thought it would be interesting with Daytona frame and similar 8 valve engine to the Daytona as well.

I think I have lucked out. Decent cosmetics in origial paint with typcial dings, nicks, and scratches. I thought it had 21,000 miles, turns out it has slightly less than 25,000 no big deal. Seems very original, does have the Will Creedon C5 chip.

has several fuel leaks, have not tried to start it, and I ave started taking it apart to see what I am dealing Starting with the basics, degreasing, new wheel bearings, new brakes, new tires, new fuel lines/gaskets/fuel filter, all fluids, there is a broken fuel injection sensor requiring replacement, cables, etc., etc.

wide open for any knowledgeable suggestions, what to use for spark plugs, weight and quantity of new fork oil, base suspension settings, and so on.

Paul LeClair

There is a lot of information here:

and a lot of general spine frame info here :


question re the EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM. There are two big canisters and a lot of hoses. To remove it looks like would take one plug at the fuel tank, and one plug on each side of the fuel injection.

is there any downside to complete removal of the system? Any upside?

have the brake discs soaking in EvapoRust, trying to eliminate rust from the washers that hold the floating pins. Did find new Brembo rotos to buy, have not decided. Also saw various aftermarket brake rotors available for a lot less money.

has anyone tried any of the aftermarket brake disc rotors? How did they work out?

No need to plug vent line at tank, simply reroute with the other hose under the tank which is used to drain the catchment area by the cap. Tank must remain vented or a vacuum will be created.
Again, there is a lot of this kind of info available at the COG site I mentioned above. Not saying you shouldn't ask here just encouraging you to look at the COG site because I think you will find it an invaluable site for many things.


red lion:
I sent my disks to TRUEDISK--734-625-0290.They will grind them for $65.00 per disk. They will be like new when you get them back.


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