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69 Ducati 450 Jupiter Resto

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Hopefully this will be quick and dirty refresh.  I bought a Ď69 Jupiter last month in Western MA. It starts and runs fine, but the wiring is very crispy.  Iím going to install a Sachse electronic ignition and convert the bike to 12 volt and rewire everything. I love the patina.  Grease and dirt will come off but not rust (yet).

Nice project!

I had one circa 1983. It was set up for hillclimbs (?) with a huge rear sprocket. Trail rode it, and ice raced it some. The chassis was a terrible ice bike. I still miss it.

Iíll be watching, Ben. 

Like Iíve mentioned, I really liked my keeper Jupiter.  A friend got it at a yard sale in KY, then called me and I traded him a pair of webers on intakes and vertex mag for a TR3 for it. Nice bike.  I miss it.  Iíve got that tank on my 250 bitsa now.  Not sure if Ducati copied it from the Norton P11 tank, but itís very similarly good looking.

How are the rims?  Those Radellis are very prone to serious deep rust.  Check them well for very thin spots & perforations when you have the tires off.  Of all the things that often cannot be saved on those bikes, an old Radelli rim is at the top of the list.

You nailed it Clint.  The one thing Iím really worried about is the condition of the rims.  I may have to lace up a new set and I really donít want to. They would be much too shiny.  If I go that route maybe a new set of Borranis from Buchanans. That would almost double the cost of the bike.


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