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69 Ducati 450 Jupiter Resto

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Original Borranis were getting crazy expensive long ago.  If you watch for some similar profile used & imperfect akronts (like Husqvarna and Bultaco) theyíll look the patina part and be a direct swap.  They need to be drilled for full width drum brake.  Lots of Husqvarna and Bultaco had such flanged WM3 akronts on the rear.  Finding a properly drilled WM2 for front is harder but still doable.  I can probably help you with reading the drilled dimple to know what to buy or avoid. 

The Mototrans Ducati singles came with WM2 & WM3 flanged akronts like this , although they had heavier gauge spokes with larger drilled holes for the nipples.  So you have to be more creative to use them.  I also understand thicker spokes are not as strong (based upon elasticity)

Edit- forgot to mention.  as far as I know & based upon the Ducati singles I have had, all original spokes were mild steel painted argent as original equipment.  They never came with stainless spokes.   One of the biggest tells that a bikeís wheels has been changed or redone are polished stainless steel spokes that people use.  If you want it to still look old and you replace the spokes with ss from Buchananís, a quick spray of argent paint will help them look more original and subdue that extra bling.  Seeing Borranis with painted spokes on a Ducati single is one of those little very original very esoteric details that I love to see.

As far as rebuilding old rims-  My understanding is that the used spokes will be indexed/registered to the respective used hole in the hub.  As long as that same hole & spoke remain together, neither the spoke or hub flange will be additionally stressed or fatigued by having to produce a new register.  Remove the old rim, leave spokes in place in hub (or carefully document each spoke & hole if theyíre removed from hub during rehab) and then lace hub & spokes to a replacement rim.    Be careful removing old nipple to not bugger them or twist the spokes.  I rebuilt numerous rims like this on some of my Ducatis to improve the bikes without a full $$ resto.  Never had a problem.

When I sold my singles, I had over two dozen spare borrani & akront rims for future use, plus more on respective bikes either installed or allotted.  Getting ones already drilled to the same angle is the issue.   They sold very fast.  You can also look for rims from a later HD Sprint, usually also Radelli.   For some reason, they donít seem to explode with rust as quickly as the comparable rims on Ducatis.  The drillings on a steel rim are more forgiving.  borranis for sprint hubs are drilled at a different angle than those drilled for a Ducati hub.  They can work but are not ideal.


I installed a Fuzeblock switchable 12 volt fuse box on the rear fender behind the battery.  They make wiring simple.  One switched wire from the battery to the box triggers a relay that powers 6 circuits with mini fuses. Also six ground ports. Here it is with and without the cover.

Also pulled the rear wheel and chain, cleaned everything up and spooned on a new Shinko Trials tire.  The rear rim has a lot of surface rust and the chrome is gnarly, but it and the spokes are pretty solid.  It has a great Mad Max vibe. Iím going ugly early Clint. Maybe later Iíll try to source better rims, but not unless Iím going to pretty up the rest of the bike.

Thatís good news.  If theyíre sound rims, I wouldnít change them either. Theyíre supposed to be covered in mud and dirt anyways.  Going pretty is a slippery slope.  So thereís lots of ugly on bikes and cars around here.
itís great to see the rear fender hasnít been bobbed. So many were chopped off. Looks like itís got the right short silentium and tip as well.  Very cool. 

I pulled the muffler. There is nothing left inside it. Now to source a replacement. In the process of pulling the countersprocker cover I snapped off the adjuster screw below the shift lever. I thought it had to come out but it didnít. Front tire mounted.


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