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750S The Build is Done

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--- Quote from: motogman on January 23, 2016, 08:52:59 PM ---Isn't Jim a dentist (I might be wrong here)?  How do you know that thumb wasn't from a patient biting down?    :grin:

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Not a dentist, the only thing I want to put in a persons mouth is a sock, :evil:
Architectural technologist by training, wanabee motorcycle mechanic by passion.

Pulled the swing arm bearing and races out, but in doing so I pulled the cap right out with the race.

Never had that happen before, oh well knocked the race off with a brass drift and then pressed the cap back into the swing arm.

Pulled the valve gear out, the collets were so frozen on that my spring compressor bent and it took a knock with a brass hammer on the tip of the valve to free the pair of retainers.

Valves look pitted, I got one rebuilt head from Charlie M. and the other one will need new valves, guides and springs.

This poor tight side head is cracked, broken fin, stripped exhaust threads, a big paper weight!

Progress continues slowly, blasted the rotors clean but they are already at their spec limit. I had another pair that came with a front wheel I picked up but they are the cheaper stamped Brembo discs, not as nice but they will do until I find a set of the forged type.

These have lots of meat left, 6.4mm +/-. off they go to True Disc for grinding

Cleaned up the fork lowers,

I blasted them with crushed glass, then sanded them with 320 grit on a foam backed palm air sander, sanding first saves a lot of time polishing,

I bought a different type of wheel, I think it is called a sizal wheel, cuts real fast and then finish with a buffer wheel and red cutting paste

polished to a satin but not mirror

I love living vicariously through these build threads (for which I have neither the time nor vocation).  Thanks for taking the time to share the details!

I love how you just pull everything off a Guzzi and you get left with this, one big lump

And when I pulled the front timing cover I found this,

Aluminum gears on the cam and oil pump, I think the crank gear is an original steel gear. And it looks clean in there.

spun the nuts off the bell housing, dropped the transmission and revealed the flywheel and clutch.

Then filled a pail with cylinders, heads, brake plate, valve covers and the transmission and off to the car wash with a premixed 50/50 solution of aluminum brightener and water, strip off the oxidation in a couple passes. All the aluminum castings need a blast of soda and then a coating of ACF50.

I ran a gallon of paint thinner through the transmission, sloshed it around and then dried it out with air. Next to strip the engine and transmission and measure everything, check bearings etc...


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