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Bull Tahr:
Hi Everyone,
Late 50's , Ex "Midfield" racer, back on bikes after a 30 year hiatus.......
Formed a riding group in my town, most of us are Grey hairs that are trying to re-living our youth! :angel: :angel: :angel:
I love all Italian bikes
Current bikes: Ducati Multistrada 2004 and a 1997 Guzzi 1100 Sport IE.
There are more Guzzis in our area than I realized, so will add some group ride pics in due course...........


New member: Terrell Garren, 63, retired military, North Carolina.  Dreamed of owning a Guzzi for many years.


 Trev Jenkins.


Hampshire, England

Quality control

Moto Guzzi 3 1000cc 36MM carbs, Digiplex

Hello all

Aman Dhaliwal

SW Ontario

Engineer, tinkerer

750 Breva

"God bless all here....."

Retired Marine Engineer and Class Surveyor, (an Inspector of Ships' Hull & Machinery).

At age 71, I set out to take up motorcycling.  In the space of six days, I took the MSF Safety Course, I got the "M" on my license, and I took delivery of a '98 Moto Guzzi V-11 Bassa.   It took me another month to figure out how to drive it safely.  Four years on I have put more than 18,000 miles on it.   Love that machine, but it is the only motorcycle that I've ever known.


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