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What Kind of Foam for Jackal Seat Fix?

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Pasta Hog:
I am thinking about fixing my cement-like Jackal seat. I got a quote to have someone else do it, and it was so high, I now figure I have nothing to lose by giving it a shot myself. If it sucks, I can give in and pay someone.

The bike is worth less than 2K, so I'm not in a rush to buy an expensive seat mod.

Small problem: I have no idea what kind of foam to use. I can get motorcycle seat foam online, but one kind looks about like another to me. I have read that the problem with the Jackal is that the foam is too soft, but I am not sure what kind of foam to get to replace it.

Any hints?

Could also use information RE the proper adhesive.

My seat is already customized, but the guy who did it did a really bad job. He claimed he was putting a gel pad in it, and he was supposed to add fancy touches I didn't get. Annoying. And then he put a giant chrome tag on it, advertising his company. That went in the trash.

If you have a Foam Shop in your area go there, they will fix you up.
If I recall they recommended a layer of high density (the stuff made of chopped up coloured pieces) topped off with some lower density. They will also have the adhesive spray.
When it comes to carving the shape there's nothing works better than an electric meat knife, the one with reciprocating blades. Get one of those from your local thrift store.

Pasta Hog:
Thanks for the tips. I don't see any stores specializing in foam near me on Google maps, but I guess I can order stuff.

Pasta Hog:
I just checked, and my DeWalt staple gun can't seem to get staples to go into this thing. Am I using the wrong tool?

Mike Tashjian:
I use a air stapler made by Sure Bonder and it will drive a T-50 staple into just about anything.  I think the Ryobi line has a T-50 style stapler available now too.  I think the foam that is being referred to as chopped is carpet foam.  Spray adhesive by 3 M is easy to use and works well if you really want to give it a go.  Mike


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