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Guzzi in New Zealand: Import or Buy?

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A question for the NZ Guzzisti on this board…

I am in the final stages of negotiating a job that will prompt a move from the US to New Zealand.

My next bike will be a V7 Stone. I am trying to decide whether to buy one once I get to NZ, or buy one here and ship it over.

In my research, accounting for exchange rate, a new V7 stone is about $3200 more expensive to buy in NZ than in the US. Depreciation for used bikes in both locations appears to be similar.

If I factor $1500 for shipping, will I get hit so hard on taxes that it winds up being a wash? Because I do not own the bike currently, and will not have owned it for a year before the move, I cannot bring it over tax free in the one-time “permanent residency” program.

I would prefer to buy one there, but am concerned that this little bike will get priced out of my range!

Should I cross my fingers and hope that the introduction of the new V7 II will flood the market with cheap, newish Guzzis?  ;)

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Kiwi Dave:
Taxes will be GST (Goods & Services Tax) calculated on 15% of declared value, which includes the cost of shipping.  Some minor customs and agriculture inspection fees might apply too, specifically for snakes as we have none of these reptiles in NZ.

You are probably comparing list prices, whereas in my experience the USA has much better buyer discounts available, especially for cash.  You should not have to pay any USA taxes if the bike is for export.

Happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

Other than goods and services tax (GST) you may be hit by a compulsory backhander to the Guzzi importer here. My regular guest from England had to pay NZ$800 to Ford NZ when he imported his then new 2000 TD5 Land Rover Defender just because he hadn't bought it from them!!! It's a rort I know, but there it is.

If it was a second hand bike I would say import for sure. For a new one, I'd look a little more closely.

If its a new one it would be good if it was still in it's box I think. Less drama from the Ministry of Ag and Fish (MAF) then I would say. (We do try quite hard to keep a bio barrier here)

If you can get the model you want here it would certainly be a lot less hassle as all the bureaucratic stuff will have been done for you.

I think the V7 would be outstandingly suitable to conditions and roads here. What part of the country are you headed for? Landing a vehicle in Port Lyttleton (Christchurch) is known to be a much smoother and easier proposition than doing so in Auckland.

If you do import I suggest you get onto the phone to Kiwi Shipping. Good experiences from them. They MAY(?) even be able to have it picked up from where ever you are.

Contact Us

Postal enquires should be addressed to:

Kiwi Shipping
1400 Glenn Curtiss Street
Carson CA 90746-4030

You can also contact us through the following ways:

US Office:   Phone:   +1 562 295 1350
    Fax:   +1 310 604 5942

Really helpful! Thank you both. I have to do some shopping around here to see if I could fine a well sorted used bike and see how the numbers work. 

im just thinking slightly outside the square here, as I usually do. whats the chances of you finding a rough convert in usa with good running gear? if you bring it with you id buy it off you, you could make some profit off it, as long as youre not to cruel. then buy a v7 here


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