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Cal II wheel spacers

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 ??? So, I am rebuilding a cal II and had to piece the front end back together. My parts breakdown doesn't show a spacer on the LH side of the wheel between the wheel bearing and the fork. Does anyone else have a spacer herein a cal 2?

I just looked, the spacers a simple piece of pipe 28mm long
it fits over the treaded end of the bolt a bit over 15.5mm.
the OD is about 26mm
If you have a mate with a lathe get him to chew you one out of a length of 1" aluminuim rod
Actually the diameter's not critical 1-1/4 would be ok too but the ends should be square,

There shouldn't be a spacer on the left end. The left end of the axle is fatter, slides thru the left fork and seats against the left wheel bearing.

I think you are talking about the right side Kiwi. I appreciate you taking the time to look. That's awesome. So no spacer on the left means that the placement of the left strut on the axle is determined by the tree clamps? Makes sense that it all ties together. Thank guys!

Yes, the right side, as Bill says there's no spacer on the left.
I couldn't get my digital caliper on it without pulling the wheel but I eyeballed the length fairly carefully
Actually when you put it back together there should be about 1 thread poking out the nut.


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